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Music Lessons Provided by Dr. Tonya A. Rogers, Wisconsin Music Teacher... Association

Music teaches patience, discipline, humility, self -confidence, poise, creativity, and showmanship. Music is for all people, of all races, and all economic backgrounds.Music is food for the brain. It increases IQ and improves memory!  Music lessons are for the very young to the very old!  All types of music are taught including Traditional, Classical and Hymns! Learn to be a pro or play just for fun! I would love to teach you and your family to read music and to play by ear!!!  Let me help you reach your music goals!

Dr. Tonya Rogers' vision is to open-up a Christian Conservatory of Music; a music school focused specifically on training and preparation for Christian music ministry. Her prayer is for God to be glorified in the life of others and to inspire and teach others as they minister in music. 

"For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to give you hope and a future." (Jeremiah 29:11-13)

You Will Enjoy Learning

1.  Shouting/Praise Music - Learn the chords and riffs
2.  Worship Music/Chords - Learn how to fill in the "talk time" with some meaningful worship chords that allows the "Spirit to Flow".
3.  Preaching Chords - Learn how to "Back Up the Preacher".
4.  Bass Lines - Learn to work your left hand on the piano and organ
5.  Gospel Chords - Find your favorite key
6.  Chord Progressions - Learn the latest chord gospel progressions
7.  Lessons - (Hammond) Organ lessons, Guitar, Bass Guitar Message Boards and a LOT more.

What Instrument Do You Play??

Gospel Organist - The Church Organist can get tips about scales, chords, and runs. Learn new ways to "back" the preacher in the organ forum.
Pianist - This section contains song chords, worship chords and instructional articles specifically geared towards the gospel pianist.

Drummer - The Gospel Drummers Forum is one can learn the basic to advance beats related to any songs.

Guitar - The guitar forum shares guitar patterns, riffs, licks, runs. We can help with your acoustic and/or electric guitar.

Bass Guitar - Learn new techniques, bass lines, chords, riffs and runs.

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Important Announcement:

Trying to find the right resource to help you learn to play gospel music can be extremely frustrating. There are so many products available on the market promising to teach you how to play.

So you can finally learn, without the hassle:

The "Elements of Gospel Music"-- all those fancy tricks. runs and fills you hear musicians play all the time.


How to create an endless vocabulary of melodic riffs
Never run out of fresh ideals and eliminate those empty spaces in your music.

How you can contemporize your favorite songs and hymns using rich chord voicings
Learn to bring your old gospel music up-to-date.


Learn how to quickly finger the chords to a song -- even if you struggle to find the key.
Learn HOT "Worship Chords, Intro, & Endings
How to take devotional and upbeat charismatic praise songs to another level



"I have placed before you an OPEN DOOR that no man can shut!" (Rev 3:8)


Open Door International Ministries

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