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What is a Faith Partner??

Faith Partners Form a Special Army
Faith Partners form a special army of individuals and organizations that God has inspired to rise up and assist us in the great work of human redemption.  Faith Partners consist of a covenant community dedicated to prayer and giving to help this ministry achieve its global mission of world evangelism. Through the synergy of saints worldwide, we seek to rescue the perishing and care for the dying.

Faith Partners Are The Mainstays Of Our Ministry
Faith Partners are the mainstays of our ministry. Through the sacrificial offerings of our Faith Partners, we rise higher and achieve greatness in our interfaith endeavors. While many of our Faith Partners are individual donors such as businessmen, working women, housewives, and college students, we welcome business organizations and corporations to participate with us in our efforts.

We Call on Faith Partners To Assist
We continue to call on others to assist us in eradicating conditions and diseases that contribute to poverty, nutrition and metabolism disorders. Every day, we are encouraged and strengthened by the generosity of the covenant relationships we have established across the world.


We value the opportunity to partner with you to take God's message to the world. It is only through dedicated sponsors such as yourselves that His Word  is able to make an impact for God's Kingdom. The law of sowing and reaping is indeed valid and we know that as you sow into the good ground of this ministry, God will richly reward you for your contributions. Please select payment and register as a Partner with Open Door International Ministries.

Together we can work to further the Kingdom of Heaven through strategic intercession, Spirit-led networking, and crucial leadership training. Your generous financial support is crucial. Please take a moment and ask the Lord how you can be apart of what God is doing through the Open Door International Ministries. Thank you for your prayers and support!

Although it is a tremendous challenge, we are committed in taking the gospel throughout the nation and the world.  Together we are in this battle with committed friends called Faith Partners.  Through our Faith Partners Ministry we have a global vision to make a difference in the life of humanity.


Through this ignited and inspiring global vision here at Open Door International Ministires, we strive to assist and empower the community to reach the world for Jesus Christ.  We would be honored to have you among this outstanding global partnership.


"I have placed before you an OPEN DOOR that no man can shut!" (Rev 3:8)


Open Door International Ministries

Inside of Bethesada Community Center

2845 W. Fond Dulac Avenue *  Milwaukee, WI 53210

Mailing Address: 

P.O. Box 090144 * Milwaukee, WI 53209

Phone: 414-585-5015